When will the festival programme be released?

Check back here on 5/06/2023

Do I need an access pass or to pay for entry?

No, the event is free to attend and you can add the event to your calendar as a reminder from the event page — Add event link here once live. Once Metaverse Beauty Week has started, click the “Jump In” red icon at the bottom of the event page and you will be directed to the main coordinates.

Having trouble logging in?

  • Check your device is supported
    • Decentraland is available for Mac and PC. It is not yet supported by mobile. Please make sure your operating system (OS) is up-to-date.
  • Check your browser is supported and up-to-date
    • Decentraland recommends using the latest Chrome, Firefox or Brave browsers. While it may be possible to use another browser, they may not provide the optimal experience.
  • Check internet speed (minimum speed listed below)
    • Be sure to have a good internet connection — A minimum of 10 Mbps internet speed is recommended, but 25 Mbps+ is ideal for online gaming. You can test your internet speed here.
  • Disable third-party browser extensions
  • Clear your browser cache
  • Hard refresh the webpage
Will there be a map to guide access across the 3 days?

Absolutely, we’ll be releasing this closer to the festival date. Sign up to our mailing list via the ‘sign up’ page on our website to be the first to know.

Do I need a wallet? Which type of wallet?

You do not need to have a wallet to participate. You can log in as a guest. However, a digital wallet is recommended allowing you to connect from different devices with your avatar, use your digital assets, and receive rewards. More info: https://docs.decentraland.org/player/blockchain-integration/get-a-wallet/

What are Wearables?

Wearables are NFTs that represent your virtual clothing and accessories such as jeans, hair, make-up, shoes, bags and much more.

Some players have fancy wearables. How can I get them? / How do I buy wearables?

The Avatar editor provides a big selection of wearables and accessories – all for free. You can also buy exclusive wearables in the Decentraland Marketplace or earn them by participating in different events. Here is a guide to creating Wearables.

What are Emotes?

Emotes are movements or actions that portray emotion such as cheering, waving, or dancing. In Decentraland there are many emotes native to your avatar, but you can also buy NFT emotes in the Decentraland Marketplace or earn them by participating in different events. Here is a guide to creating Emotes.

How do I capture the best footage of Metaverse Beauty Week?

For the video capturing, here are some examples and best practices:

Download the PC or MAC client for best possible footage quality: https://decentraland.org/download/

Try this new camera tool called DCL Studio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-haZ2XCCVc4

Example for the DCL Studio in use (enables bird eyes view etc) https://twitter.com/Unversed_EN/status/1586271333658157057