About MBWorld
Who we are

Founded by 360• creative agency, CULT, with a mission to reimagine the future of inclusive beauty, Metaverse Beauty World emerges as an experiential media platform incorporating blended and extended realities, Web3 and Metaverse technologies to provide a home for infinite beauty experiences.

We offer brands an entirely new playground to continue experimenting, learning and piloting - and through this - empowering them to embrace playfulness and unlock the untapped potential of next-gen experiences.

Envisaging the future of beauty

At Metaverse Beauty World, we are more than just a media platform — we are the architects of a bold and transformative journey into the uncharted realms of new realities.

Our essence lies in innovation, creativity, and the limitless possibilities of human-imagination. We are your gateway to new realms of self-expression, IVL to IRL.

CEO and co-founder of CULT and MBWorld
“Exploring Web3 initiatives with a brand marketing lens allows us to deep dive into this new territory and take our learnings with us as we partner with innovation teams and brands that want to unlock future potential in Web3.”
Bridey-Rae Lipscombe
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Prepare to experience beauty like never before.
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